IMaki Maki Maker

 IMaki Maki Maker


The IMAKI maki maker is a fully automatic all in one maki maker.This robot can produce perfect rice sheets before rolling them with it’s unique belt type rolling mat.

A 7 Kg hopper capacity makes for a long lasting production time without having to reload the hopper before starting again. The simplified design makes cleaning time shorter giving time to your sushi chefs to do other things.

This maki maker can produce up to 250 perfect rolls per hour as good as a sushi chef with years of experience, giving you the possibility to sell great products to your clients.

Weight: 60 kg

Power: AC230V / 50Hz

Power Consumption: 120 W max

Hopper Capacity: 7 kg

Production Capacity: up to 250 rolls per hour

Dimensions: W421 x D620 x H653mm


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