The materials that make up the cold rooms are specially designed not to absorb odors, does not allow the nest of parasites and the development of fungus and mold.
The cold storage are composed of modular panels of variable length, produced in thicknesses from mm 70-100-130.
The floor and ceiling panels are placed retractable within the vertical ones in order to ensure a harmonious and aesthetic appearance, along the junction of the internal perimeter of the floor and the ceiling, a plastic profile is provided rounded comply with current health regulations . The healthcare area is printed directly on the floor and roof panels.
The outer and inner walls of the coating is made from zinc-toxic prepainted steel sheets while the standard floor is made of AISI 304 steel with a suitable non-slip internal support for a better distribution of the load up to 400 kg / sqm.
They are available on request coatings of stainless steel AISI 304 walls, and floors coated galvanized reinforced for greater loads.
Standard handle with key lock and internal safety release.
The low temperatures are provided with anti-condensate resistance cells inserted into a storage compartment door profile.
They are designed to meet every need of the modern conservation.
Refrigeration systems we manufacture are traditional and not monoblock systems, we considered of low quality, not very functional in time and especially in the warmer seasons.
Possibility to equip them with internal shelving or frame for meat.


Ventilated refrigerated cabinets, static, combined TN / BT for pastry, ice cream, fish, meat.
Cabinets with doors and glass doors.
Interior / exterior stainless steel.
CFC-free polyurethane insulation injected at high pressure.
rounded corners.
Doors with magnetic seal closure.
Device latch fan on opening the door.
Front electronic control panel.
Height adjustable feet.
tropicalized group of series.


Refrigerated counters TN / BT, gastronorm, bakery, pizzeria.
worktop in steel or granite, with or without backsplash.
Interior / exterior stainless steel.
CFC-free polyurethane insulation injected at high pressure.
rounded corners.
Doors with magnetic seal closure.
Front electronic control panel.
Height adjustable feet.
Tropicalized group of series.


Blast chillers for better organization of work, maintenance of vitamins in foods, reducing bacterial proliferation, catering, bakery, confectionery, ice cream, catering and food.
Shell in steel AISI 304 versions 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 20 trays.
The fans stop automatically when opening the door.


Available in various lengths and depths.
condensing units with external motor or internal.
Static refrigeration, ventilated or drowned evaporator.
Positive and negative temperatures.
Refrigerated drawers steel of various sizes and types with magnetic closure.
Stainless steel doors with magnetic closure.
wire grids plastic or stainless steel.
Stainless steel frame with rounded corners.
Tops and sinks in stainless steel of various diameters and shapes, welded and finished by hand.
Digital control unit with defrost functions, control light and temperature reading.


Windows at a controlled temperature suitable exposure of red wine – rosé – white – brut in bottles, the best solution for serving wine at the ideal temperature.
The windows are double glazed low emissivity insulating. The ventilated models are equipped with internal fan for setting a single temperature in the room.
Digital controls complete with thermometer-thermostat for the correct setting and reading of the chamber temperature.
Single and multi-temperature versions.


Shop windows for cold dishes and sushi.
For sushi showcases the evaporator is provided at the top that improves the distribution of the cold and provides for a better conservation of the product.
Equipped with LED light, sliding rear doors and electronic thermometer.


Infinite solutions to meet every need. cold version, dry heat and wet version. Various possibilities’ of colors. The top closures of the buffets, normally open, are made with crystals shatterproof tempered glass and equipped with an original system of lifting / lowering of sliding side bearings and guides, which can be operated with a single finger.


Wide range of vertical windows and conservatories for drinks, vertical showcases for ice cream and frozen, wall displays for fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products.


Wide range of chest freezers with temperatures down to -60 °.


Ice makers in cubes and granular for restaurants, bars, clubs, fast food, hotel, medical, fish markets.
Shell in 18/10 stainless steel scotch brite.
Air cooled and water.